From newest grill models and accessories to the lowdown on sales – Find out what’s the latest barbecue buzz to hit Singapore right here:

Napoleon Ultra Chef UC430

Napoleon Ultra Chef UC500

Liberty Spitfire Pro

Grilling Planks

BBQ Warehouse Sale July 2014

Liberty Chef S3

Liberty Sizzle Top Electric BBQ Grill

Top 10 Balcony BBQ Grills in Singapore

Online BBQ Store: Liberty Patio

Premium Kleen Plus+

Napoleon LEX485

Liberty Kokomo Kamado Grill




12 thoughts on “WHAT’S HOT?

  1. Edison says:

    Hey, any tips on where I’ll be able to get a Weber barbeque? Currently looking at the Weber One Touch 22.5 inch Gold

    • bbqlovers says:

      Hi Edison,

      As far as I know, there aren’t any authorized dealers or distributors of Weber here in Singapore. You might be able to find parallel-imported Webers or get them online, but I’m not sure how the warranty will work in such cases.

  2. when you next travel to Australia for holiday, just get the Weber Baby and check in. That’s what we did. 🙂 Weber rocks!

    • bbqlovers says:

      Hi Karacakes Grace,

      There isn’t a doubt that Weber is a really good BBQ brand.

      Unfortunately, the brand is not officially represented here in Singapore. All Weber BBQs are parallel imports and I’m not really sure who services these grills (if there is any service at all…you might have to get your BBQ serviced by third party companies, instead of the authorized distributor).

      Until Weber is readily available here with full support, I suggest going with the Napoleon PRO285 instead of the Weber Baby ( or the Q1200 if you’re not in Australia) for several reasons:

      1. At $570 (inclusive of GST), the PRO285 comes with free delivery, and with the correct gas regulator and hose for Singapore Gas tanks (this is worth about $120 if you’re getting it from the gas dealer). This is also a 2 burner BBQ, whereas the Baby has a single burner, and you also have the option of having purchasing a cart in the future so it becomes a mobile BBQ (might be a bit bulky to bring in a cart from Australia for the Baby). The Baby retails at $299 (good time to shop in OZ now with the exchange rate!) in Australia. With the added gas regulator, it comes up to $419. In my opinion, I’d much rather pay an additional $151 for a BBQ that is warranted by a local distributor, has an extra burner, and has free delivery (depending on the airline, not everyone can afford to check-in a whole BBQ, even if it is a table-top one).

      2. All Napoleon BBQs in Singapore are covered with a 5 year limited warranty, where in the first year, the BBQ company doesn’t charge for any service, transport or parts covered under the warranty. The 2nd – 5th year, warrantied parts are free of charge, and servicing and transport are available at a fee.

      Of course, as I said before, Weber is a wonderful brand. But this is just my opinion on what’s worth getting as a fellow shopper! 😉

  3. Hi bbqlovers, need help from you. Just got a Weber Baby back to Spore. Can you recommend someone or shop who could advise us if conversion is needed to connect to the gas cylinder we have here please? Thanks heaps.

    • bbqlovers says:

      Hi Karacakes Grace,

      Just contact any gas dealer and they will be able to supply the correct gas hose and regulator for your BBQ to hook up with Singapore LPG tanks.

  4. Thanks. But with your expertise do you reckon conversion is needed? I was told it is. As you are in the business, does your company do this as well? Can I engage your company instead? I have read your blog and highly respect your generousity in sharing so much info on BBQ stuff.

    • bbqlovers says:

      Hi Karacakes Grace,

      There is no conversion required for the BBQ (unless you’re converting a town gas to LPG gas which I don’t think is the case). It’s really just a matter of getting the Singapore gas regulator from the gas company. I suggest Tan Bros Gas @ 6455 1169. Tell them you need a gas hose and regulator for your BBQ and they will deliver it and even help you to hook it up to the gas tank too.

  5. Grace says:

    Thank you bbqlovers excellent advise and information . cheers duke.

  6. C Smith says:

    Love your blog, it’s so hard to get good grill advice in Singapore. Just wondering, if you’re to choose a 3 burner between Liberty, Masport and Napoleon, which would you choose?

    • bbqlovers says:

      Hi C Smith,

      Thanks for your kind words.

      It really depends on a person’s lifestyle and needs – while I myself own a Napoleon Lex485 which is a rather large and pricey 3 burner, I usually recommend the Liberty Chef Pro to my friends who have a tighter budget and space constraints because it is compact and value for money. You really get the most bang for your buck with the Chef Pro because it has so many features packed into a small BBQ.

      For those with a slightly bigger budget, I would recommend the Napoleon T410, because there are so many fun accessories that complement the Napoleon grills and comes with a 5 year warranty, as opposed to 1 year. And for friends who want a more low-maintenance BBQ, the Masport Lifestyle 3H comes in all black (which ages better in our humidity) and is the most solid out of the three.

      Hope this helps!

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