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The Meat Club

Last week, I was given some meat samples from The Meat Club. The Meat Club is an online meat supplier that takes orders on a subscription basis.

The subscription to the meat keeps the cost of meat low for consumers like you and me, and helps to prevent wastage because it’s easier for the store to keep track of how much meat is actually needed.

For example, a 250gm grain-fed Aussie ribeye steak will set you back about $23 – $25 on average at other online butcher stores, whereas on The Meat Club, you’re looking at an average of $15 – $16 per 250gm.

What’s more is that because of the way the meat is packaged, you can keep it up to 28 days in the fridge, and it’ll still taste super fresh! The meat is packed by using thermoform cryvac at a tier one processing plant, a process which aims to minimise (if not completely cut out) contaminant exposure on its journey to Singapore. And every step of the logistics supply chain is closely monitored to ensure a little changes  as possible in the temperature and humidity.

So how does the meat fare when it comes to taste? I put them on the grill to find out!

I tested out the Aussie grain-fed strip steak, and the lamb chops. I didn’t want to alter the taste of the meat too much, so I only added salt and a bit of pepper to enhance the flavour.


Salting the Lamb Chops and Grain-fed strip steak (apologies for exposing your eyes to this heinous green chopping board!)


Onto the BBQ Grill they go!


So fresh and so tender! Nomnomnom…

The verdict?
The meat club delivers freshness as promised from their thermoform cryvac packaging, and the taste and quality of the meat hadn’t deteriorated despite the fact that I had left it in the fridge for about 4 days. The lamb chops were particularly delicious, as they were full and fatty. The steak was tender and juicy, even though I had cooked it more towards the medium-well range. All in all, I was very happy with the meat from the Meat Club.

To find out more about the meat club, or to subscribe, check out The Meat Club website.

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My current obsession is ordering food and groceries online. I pack a very busy schedule so I like to come home to a ready-stocked fridge without having to make a stop over at the nearest supermarket or butchery during peak hour traffic! It’s just a matter of slapping the meat on the grill or pan.

I have two favourites when it comes to these online grocery stores:


    Cartlery might be a newcomer to the online grocery scene, but it is on top of my list for the sheer fact that it’s instant.  Don’t ask me how they do it, but this site can literally deliver within the hour. It’s perfect if you’ve forgotten to get something for your party. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left out something for my BBQ, but couldn’t just leave the house because the fire’s still going and I have to entertain my guests.Cartlery has been a lifesaver! Last minute beverages, cheeses, breads…you name it. Another feature I love about this is that you can actually set a specific time you’d like the items delivered. There’s always someone at home to receive my order, but many of my colleagues use this service because they can set a specific time for when they get home to receive it. The site is still new, so new items are being added everyday. Best part is – It’s free delivery for $30 and above!


    the butcher
    The Butcher has to be my favourite place to get pre-marinated meats in Singapore, so I was ecstatic to find out that they did next-day delivery when you purchase online. While not immediate and they do not have an entire grocery range like a supermarket, their upside is really the quality of the meat available. I love how fresh everything is – from the wonderfully pre-made enchiladas to homemade chicken nuggets. You can choose the kinds of marinades you’d like for the steaks or chicken.I’ve used this service many a time for my BBQ parties, and friends have been impressed by the flavours. While the meat here is reasonably priced, it is min. spend of $100 for the free delivery. I usually pack my freezer with a hundred dollars worth of meat for the week to save on the costs of delivery.

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