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Grills, Gas & Regulators: 101

I did a post about getting gas for your BBQ a while back (I mean, years back!) – so if any of you are looking for the 411 on gas tanks and canisters in Singapore, this would be the most updated info you can get.

BRAND: Can I use any gas regulator for any brand of gas tank? The answer is no. Some gas tanks work with different gas regulators, while others do not. Always check with the company that supplied the gas regulator to you (whether it’s the BBQ company or the gas supplier) which brand of gas tank will be suitable for the regulator you’re using. Even if the regulator fits the tank, it doesn’t mean it will work.

TANK SIZE: Larger grills need different sized gas tanks from smaller grills – yes, this means different gas regulators too. For example, any BBQ with 4 burners or less would need a regulator for a 12.7kg gas tank, whereas any BBQ with more than 4 burners would need a regulator for a 11.3kg gas tank (I know, it is weird that the larger BBQ needs a smaller gas tank). This information is specific to Esso and Mobil LPG tanks.

It’s really hard to get a small gas tank in Singapore – but for those of you who are looking – you can actually still find the 4.5kg ones here, but they are very pricey and you have to get a special regulator from the gas supplier too. Users only want the 4.5kg tank because they can store it in their BBQ cabinets, but really, it’s not practical or worth the buck because it runs out so fast and it’s about 2.5 times the price of a large tank. Furthermore, it’s not compatible with larger grills because there’s just not enough pressure in the tank to keep a large BBQ running.

Some BBQs like the TravelQ TQ285X and the TQ285 table top grill, have the option of regulators that work with camping gas. No, camping gas is not the same as the gas you use for steamboats. These run out really fast, but they’re bought more for the convenience of being able to take them around – especially if you intend to go camping somewhere or have a small picnic in the great outdoors.

If a large gas tank stored outside your BBQ cabinet really irks you because it’s too ugly, perhaps consider an LPG tank cover that comes in different colours.

orange &  black

“Tacky no more!” Exclaimed the LPG tank.

TOWN GAS: If you’re looking to connect your BBQ to town gas (or piped gas), it’s definitely possible. You will have to check with your BBQ supplier if they are able to do this for you. Do not do it yourself, as you risk forfeiting the grill warranty.

My gas supplier offered me an adjustable regulator – should I use it?
I wouldn’t recommend using it because if the pressure has been adjusted incorrectly, you could be looking at a flaming disaster as sometimes too much gas is released (believe me, hand-to-heart, this has happened!). Instead, check with the BBQ supplier for their recommendation first.

Here are some tips from Union Energy on how to store your LPG tank safely.



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A Gassy Problem

Picture Credit: http://www.exxonmobil.com.sg

“Grrrrr! Why doesn’t my gas tank fit into my barbecue cabinet?!”

I’ve heard that complaint a few times from my customers. I know it seems like an obvious thing, that the gas tank should be able to fit into the cabinet of your portable grill. Unfortunately, barbecues aren’t always made to fit tanks approved under Singapore regulations because they’re not from here.

What I’ve picked up from gas companies is that Singapore approved gas tanks come in the following sizes: 4.5kg, 11.3kg and 12.7kg. The 9kg gas tank which is used in Australia and New Zealand are not approved here (don’t ask me why, I don’t know). I think some companies still offer them, but I doubt insurance would cover you if there were to be an accident.

We get lots of gas related questions, so here’s what I can tell you just based on experience:

1. Your gas tank isn’t going to explode if you leave it outdoors. I’ve left my gas tank outside with my barbecue for years and nothing weird has happened. It’s still there. The barbecue is still in tact. And my house has not burnt down in the process. We leave it under the side table of our barbecue and pull the vinyl cover over to cover both grill and gas tank.

2. I know it looks unsightly to have your gas tank on the side of your barbecue instead of inside the cabinet, but in actual fact, it’s not advisable for one to have their gas tank inside their barbecue when they’re using it as you don’t want the tank too close to the burner flames. All other times, you would have your vinyl cover over the gas tank.

3. How long does a gas tank last for? On a 2 burner barbecue, a 4.5kg tank would last approximately 8 hours of non-stop barbecuing. So, I guess if you do the math, a 12.7kg tank would last about 20 hours on a 2 burner barbecue and 10 hours on a 4 burner. We usually just advise our customers to get the large tanks because they’re cheaper and last longer. You get more bang for your buck! Seriously, a 4.5kg gas tank costs about $190 whereas a 12.7kg tanks costs about $70 (it’s a $40 deposit for the tank and $30 for the gas itself).

It’s funny that the large tanks are cheaper than the small ones, but there’s less demand for the small ones, so they’re pricier. Also, large barbecues with at least 4 burners can’t take the 4.5kg gas tanks as your burners will cut off when you turn all of them on at same time.

4. Gas regulators. One thing to note about gas regulators is that they don’t all fit the same brands of gas tanks. Some gas regulators only fit Esso Mobil tanks, while others fit Shell tanks. So if your BBQ supplier has given you a regulator, make sure to ask which brand of tanks their suitable for or you might end up having to buy a new regulator.

Alright, that’s all the questions I can think of so far. If you have a question, just shoot it over and I’ll see what I can do about getting you your answer! Till next time!

For more information, you can check our the exxonmobil site:  http://www.exxonmobil.com.sg/AP-English/about_who_profile_lpg_safety.aspx

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