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Say NO to black grease!!!

Honestly, I’m not very particular when it comes to cleaning my grill because I know that the heat kills all the germs. But I do hate the black bits and the dark grease left over on the grill. Which is why, when I got a hold of Premium Kleen’s Rangehood Filter Cleaner, I thought, Okay, well, I’m gonna give it a go. And I was impressed!


DSC08678 Take about a spoonful of powder.

DSC08679 Mix it up with 1 litre of cold water and 2 litres of hot water.

DSC08680Mix Mix Mix!

DSC08688Put the grill in the bucket.

DSC08693 When you take it out, use a BBQ brush to scrub off the grease, every now and then, dip it back in the bucket and then scrub again.

premium kleen before & after Wash with water and wipe down with a dry towel. Et Viola!! No more black bits and dark grease!

Now put a fresh coating of cooking oil over the grills before you leave it for the next use.

Where you can get it: The Butcher’s Dog @ Great World City
Call them to check stock: 6836 8498

Or online @ Liberty Patio

Super Easy Clean!

I recently got a hold of Australian brand Selleys Ultimate BBQ Care Kit.

What really excites me about this is that I’ve never found a cleaner in Singapore that is specifically for BBQ use. Most of the time you get sprays for “Kitchen and BBQ use” or “Microwave and BBQ use” (which kind of confuses me because you’re not supposed to use Microwave cleaners in BBQs anyway.)

Anyways, here is my review on this new kit that’s hit our market:

Selleys Ultimate BBQ Care Kit comprises of 4 items: BBQ Tough Clean (Spray), BBQ Tough Wipes, BBQ Exterior Clean & Shine (Spray), Super Cloth.

My favourite two items on this list are the BBQ Tough Clean and BBQ Tough Wipes. I think they go together brilliantly.

I like using the BBQ Tough Wipes first because they work quite effectively when the grills aren’t overly dirty. They’re food safe too, so you don’t have to wash the grills after you’ve used the wipes.

For an extra clean set of grills, I use the Tough Clean spray after and it comes out in a foamy substance. I leave it there for about 5 – 10 minutes and it’s really effective because the stuff I couldn’t get off at first with the wipes, come off really easily with the Tough Clean spray. A good wipe down and running under water helps to get all the dirty substance off (the Tough Clean spray has to be washed off unlike the Tough Wipes which are food safe). Then putting the grill back onto the BBQ and lighting up to evaporate any remaining water. Oil with cooking oil after for long-lasting protection against rust!

The Exterior Clean & Shine spray works too in giving a non-abrasive clean to the stainless steel BBQ exterior, but I find that any sort of stainless steel cleaner works just fine too. The kit also comes with a Super Cloth which you can use with the Tough Clean spray. Again, also average in terms of cleaning ability.

Overall, the BBQ Tough Wipes and the Tough Clean are certainly really handy for a quick and easy BBQ cleaning experience.

Available @ $37.45  from Liberty Patio, The Butcher’s Dog (Great World City, #b2-11), Natural Living (Park Mall #03-01), Decofix (Serene Centre #01-07 )

Selleys BBQ Care Kit

Selleys BBQ Care Kit

Selleys BBQ Tough Wipes  (12 sheets per packet)
Selleys BBQ Tough Wipes (12 sheets per packet)

BBQ Tough Clean Spray

BBQ Tough Clean Spray

Selleys BBQ  Exterior Clean & Shine
Selleys BBQ Exterior Clean & Shine

Selleys Super Cloth

Selleys Super Cloth

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