It’s been a while since I did my last post, but life has been pretty hectic around the office, and in general. I’m at the age where literally everyone in my close circle of friends is getting married (I’ve been to 4 weddings in the past couple of months!). There’s also been a lot of buzz from them about getting new homes to move into… which brings me to my latest question – how does one incorporate a BBQ into your new home seamlessly?

I have a lot of customers who request for built-in BBQs, and these are usually people who live in houses. We have these Napoleon and Masport BBQs built into some landed houses:

But just the other day, I went to a customer’s apartment to give a little demo on the Canadian-made Napoleon Prestige BIPRO500, only to be pleasantly surprised. Here’s a picture of what it looked like, and let me explain why I was both surprised and impressed:


What the owner of the apartment did was to completely demolish the existing indoor kitchen of his home, and move it to his balcony because his balcony area was really windy and spacious, and wholly utilizes the balcony space which many people overlook. It was such a brilliant idea, I wish I had thought of it myself.

So what you’re looking at is an outdoor kitchen area fully equipped with a Napoleon built-in gas grill, electric stove, electric teppanyaki and gas stoves, and of course, sinks. The owner also used a very unique countertop material which I had not seen before in any other project. Most projects use granite, marble, ceramic tiles, or straight-up boring old concrete. But he used a heat-resistant synthetic material which replicates a vintage/rusted out look, which is very unique and trendy.

(Not in the picture is the fridge and extra counter space on the left.)

jade mansion 3.jpg

The owner of the apartment had enough space to include an extra alfresco seating area in the balcony, and another dining area inside if it gets too warm in the balcony.

Of course, if you do have an outdoor kitchen in your backyard, you can draw inspiration from these other projects that use outdoor electric stoves, BBQs, and ovens (apologies as these were taken on rainy days).



German brand Ascobloc and Belgian brand Indu Plus supply teppanyakis, grills, cooking hobs and ovens for indoor and outdoor use. This means they can be used in a dry kitchen, or even left outside in the rain or shine (provided the countertops are built according to requirements). Their products are made in their respective countries, ensuring the highest quality of materials and technology.

If you’re thinking about designing a counter with outdoor gas or electrical equipment, Proline offers a free consultation session with your contractor or architect, or if you don’t have either, they usually have a contractor that they work with that can help you design the outdoor kitchen you’ve always wanted.


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2 thoughts on “RENO TALK: BUILT-IN BBQS

  1. Katherine Thomson says:

    Would you be able to help me please?! I have some bricks leftover from some building work and I wanted to build my own bbq pit.. just a simple charcoal grill. I can’t seem to find however where to buy a base (for the charcoal) and a grill.. Would you have any advice?
    Many thanks,

    • bbqlovers says:

      Hi Katherine!

      Usually, you can get a contractor to help with getting a stainless steel drip tray, charcoal grate, and grills made. Try a metal company like – they might be able to help with the metal customization. Always get stainless steel in either 304 or 316 as they are longer-lasting.

      Most BBQ suppliers here who do sell spare parts will usually only have “half-size” grills, meaning they go up to 49cm in depth and about 40cm in width. So if you want to get grills like that, you may have to design your brick pit with a ledge so the 2 grills can sit on the top (not sure if you can visualize this?).

      Another thing you can consider is to get an existing charcoal grill and remove the cart below and build a counter around it ( A good thing about this is that these usually come with hoods for indirect cooking. However, they’re usually made of a powder-coated steel, they’re not very long lasting.

      Hope this helps!

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