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Smoke Gets In Your Eyes? Not!

Ever wished you could enjoy the wonders of a charcoal barbecue, but not have to deal with the smoke and your neighbours shooting you the evil eye over the fence?

The Liberty Fire Chef could be your answer to a smoke less BBQ experience.


I tested it out myself and I have to say that it did have a bit of smoke during the starting process when I was lighting it, and in the midst of cooking, there was very minimal smoke (but a lot of BBQ aroma)!


You start by squeezing some lighter gel into the gel dish inside the bbq. You can get this pink gel from Sheng Siong. Once you’ve squeezed it in, you can light it with a long stove lighter. I recommend using this over a small lighter because the gel gets hot as soon as you light it, so it’s safer this way.


The next step is to place the charcoal into the charcoal container and put it on top of the fire. I use charcoal briquettes here because they small and can fit nicely into the container. Hardwood charcoal are oddly shaped so it’s a bit difficult to fit as many in.


The charcoal will catch fire in a bit, so I insert the oil drip pan inside. My mom insists that I use the aluminium foil over the drip pan so she doesn’t have to clean it later (oops! haha).


There’s a little switch  which activates the mini fan system inside the BBQ, and helps to regulate the burning charcoal. This helps to get the BBQ ready to go in 6 minutes. AND it’s time to start cooking!

I’m not exactly sure why it doesn’t really give off so much smoke, but I do know that we used this indoors and the sprinklers didn’t go off – so it’s smokeless enough for me!


Nom Nom Nom…

The Liberty Fire Chef is available from Liberty Patio at $240, but use this special BBQ Lovers code to get $50 off at check out: “ilovesmokeless”

Code expires on 31st December 2015.


Gas Tank Fashion Parade!

It’s official – I’m going colour crazy with my BBQs and LPG tanks!


For a lot of people, a BBQ grill isn’t just something you cook with. It’s not just a grilling machine, it’s also a statement piece – something to be proud of, something to show off.

It’s that swanky piece of your home that impresses neighbours, friends and relatives. And if you’re anything like me, I like hearing whispers of “oooh”, “whoa”, and “I want that” echoing about my house.

So when I discovered that you could dress up those hideous LPG tanks in their own set of “clothing”, I thought “get outta here”. But it’s true! These cute little canvas fashion statements do exist! So purrdy!

If you have a typical Singapore-sized 12.7kg tank that won’t fit into that BBQ cabinet, then you can get a set of coloured clothing for it. Mix and match different colour combinations – there are 6 colours to choose from for the top (red, blue, green, yellow, orange, pink) and either grey or black for the bottom.

These covers (1 set of top and bottom) retail for $99 from Liberty Patio.

Also, if you’re wondering about the awesome orange BBQ, it’s the latest Masport Maestro in Sunset Orange which retails for $2247, also from Liberty Patio.

P.S. This is what the tank looks like without the “clothes”. Nekkid! :O



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Smoking the Right Flavour

I’m a big fan of using wood while barbecuing. Wood chips and grilling planks are great for BBQs because while they have their own individual flavours, you still get that beautiful smokey taste (which is kind of the point of smoking anything IMO).

Napoleon recently brought in their full range of wood chips and grilling planks into Singapore, and here’s our take on the flavour pairings:


Aptly nicknamed the “King of Smoking Woods”, Hickory wood chips are the most commonly used wood for smoking. With its sweet to strong, heavy bacon taste, this wood chips flavour goes perfectly with all meats – pork in particular. The bold flavour that it produces is often linked to Southern BBQ.

This flavour does tend to get bitter, so I recommend soaking it for longer than the other woods; 1 – 2 hours should suffice. Soak it in beer, bourbon, and even Coke.


The bold, sweet and earthy flavour of mesquite is in line with the tastes of the southwest. This wood comes from the south of USA and Mexico, and its flavour is a little lighter than hickory. Pair this wood with meats like beef, pork, duck or lamb.

Whiskey Barrel Oak

Made from recycled whiskey barrels, the whiskey barrel wood chips have a hint of aged whiskey when smoking. While it is bold, it is also not too strong at the same time. It is perfect for meats like beef and lamb. Soak these wood chips in juices like grape or orange, or even merlot and sauvignon.

Apple wood chips have the strongest flavour out of all the fruit wood chips. It has a mild fruity flavour that’s a little bit sweet. While very versatile with pairings, it is best used with seafood (especially fatty fish like salmon) and pork. You can also use it to smoke fruits and vegetables too. Soak them for a minimum of 30 minutes in water, wine, or even juice. Great to serve with a side of apple chutney.
Said to be the best wood for smoking, the mild and fruity flavour of the cherry wood chips are best for smoking most meats like beef, venison, pork and poultry. It also pairs well with fruits and vegetables. It is also one of the best woods for mixing with other woods.

The flavour is a little sour and acidic, and sometimes can even be bitter. But overall light and fruity, and works well when soaked in cider, apple or pineapple juice, or wine.


Made from the sugar maple tree, this unique flavour is a little sweet and great for mixing with other wood flavours, in particular, hickory and apple. It is great for smoking a pork roast, ham and bacon, and cheese and vegetables because of its light and balanced flavour.

Smoker Pipe
IMG_7404 IMG_7405

After soaking your wood chips, remove them from the liquid and insert them in the Napoleon smoker pipe. Place pipe directly on the sear plates of your gas grill. When the wood chips start to smoke, place the food on the grill and shut the hood. Then keep the hood closed to keep the smoke inside, this helps give the food the best smokey flavour.

Cedar & Maple Grilling Planks


Napoleon Grilling Planks come in two flavours – cedar and maple. They are sold as individual pieces, so at $12.50, instead of in pairs like other brands (such as Axtschlag). They are also thicker, so they tend to last longer. These planks are great with salmon and chicken wings. I allow the edges to catch fire a little before shifting them to the side of the grill that hasn’t been lit. It’ll start to smoke, and I’ll close the hood and keep it smoking for about 15- 20 minutes.

All wood chips, smoker pipes and grilling planks are available from $12.50. Purchase them from Liberty Patio or from Napoleon Dealers (do call them before you go down to check if they have stock):

Level 1
10 Jln Serene, 258748
tel: 6875 1657

Big Box
Level 3 (at the Outdoor Furniture/BBQ section)
1 Venture Ave, 608521
6801 6688



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