We want s’more S’MORES!

If you’ve been following my previous posts (thanks for the loyalty, heehee), you would know that I am a proud owner of the Napoleon LEX485.

Some of my customers ask me what they can do with the infrared side burner on such a grill. My first answer would always be “STEAKS OF COURSE!”. Because the searing abilities of the infrared burner is top-notch, and I recommend anyone who is a steak lover t o own a BBQ with an infrared side burner because it seals in the juices of the meat.

My second answer would be, and I say this with the pride of a self-respecting dessert enthusiast, S’MORES!


Some of you might find this way too sweet. But I cannot emphasize how much I love sweets. I use the infrared burner because it’s so hot, it’s almost like using a blow torch. You get that wonderful brownness on the outside of the marshmallows, and the insides stay wonderfully fluffy.


The recipe for S’mores is pretty simple.

I use:

  • Rocky Mountain Marshmallows
  • Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate (I recommend dark chocolate if you can’t handle the sweetness, and really, any brand will do. But I like Ghirardelli because I use the fun-sized squares they have)
  • McVities Digestives (I was too lazy to source for Graham crackers but you can get them here in Singapore if you look hard enough)

The rest is pretty self-explanatory. Just fire up the grill (then pretend you’re a ninja by fighting your best friends with the BBQ skewers… while recommended, is optional), heat the marshmallows over the grill. Once it’s brownish on the outside and melty (you’ll know when the marshmallows start drooping on the skewers), grab a piece of chocolate and 2 pieces of Digestive biscuits, make a sandwich with the Marshmallow and chocolate in the middle. Don’t wait too long, because you want the hot marshmallow to melt the chocolate.

Et Voila! The perfect way to round up a weekend sesh on the BBQ.

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One thought on “We want s’more S’MORES!

  1. Wendy Tanyan says:

    My own experience with infrared side burner is excellent. Its searing abilities are great and surely give fast and hot cooking. However, don’t expect a perfect steak the first time you use it, you need to practice some for best results.

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