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Chicken Thigh Butt Rub Marinade on the Plank!

Before you ask, no, I haven’t got the case of the word salad. The intro title is what it is!

Just yesterday, I decided that I was really craving for some chicken thigh. Normally, I’d whip up my usual chicken wings doused in prawn paste powder. I.e. below:IMG_2180

However, I was having a friend over who was allergic to seafood. So I decided to make something a little different for him using the Butt Rub bbq seasoning ( is an all-purpose seasoning with a balanced blend of onion, garlic, salt, pepper, paprika and chipotle ).IMG_2177

so first thing’s first. soak the wooden grilling planks in the water. i use Axtchlag regular sized cherry wood. I was a bit impatient with the soaking, so I only soaked for about 30 minutes. on hindsight, I think it would have definitely made my planks last longer if i’d soaked it for longer.IMG_2178

After marinading the chicken thighs, put them on the plank and then onto the grill. I must confess, i actually put the grill on medium-high heat the first time, all 3 burners on at the same time… and left it for about 15 minutes…

BAD IDEA! My chicken thigh burnt so bad and the wood pretty much disintegrated.

However! Let’s talk about my successful chicken instead.. haha.

So in the second attempt, I put the heat on low to medium and only switched on 2 burners. I checked on it every 5 minutes to see when it the thighs would need flipping. (I flip them because you’ll notice that the underside doesn’t cook as efficiently as the top).

After about 10 minutes, the plank caught fire, so I shut off the burners for a bit and let the plank smoke on its own.


After about 25 minutes of slow cooking on the grill, hood down. The chicken thighs turned out perfect. The right touch of smokiness and seasoning, but you could still taste the actual chicken flavour (which by the way, was super moist and tender and kept all its delicious juicies!)

I love these planks!!

To get the Axtchlag Wood Planks, you can find them at from $28.

Got Wood? BBQ Smoker chips, wood planks, sawdust and more!

Recently, I’ve been getting a lot of enquiries about where to find smoker wood chips in Singapore. Most people either don’t know where to find them or if they know where to look, it’s just too unaffordable.

I’ve found the easiest and most affordable place to get my BBQ wood products is from Liberty Patio, because it also has the widest range I’ve seen so far.

You can get everything from Wood Chips to wood planks, grilling papers to herb boxes.

You’ll be able to find more famous BBQ brands such as Char-broil and Napoleon that charge about $14 per bag of woodchips, to gourmet brands that specialise in smoking products like Axtschlag and Best of the West.

My personal favourite is the new brand on the market — Axtschlag. Hailing from Germany, Axtschlag offers one of the widest ranges of BBQ wood products I’ve seen.

Axtschlag Wood Chips

New to Singapore, Axtschlag has flavours like Hickory, Apple, Wine, Beer, Whiskey, Beech, Alder and Cherry.

I’m absolutely crazy about the artwork on the packaging that teaches me how to use the products. The sassy lady is such a fun addition to the whole BBQ scene!


I love the sassy artwork on the Axtschlag packaging.

Axtschlag carries more unique flavours such as Walnut, Wine, Strong beer and Whiskey. These go for $20 per kilo.


Axtschlag’s gourmet flavours include Wine, Walnut, and Beer. $20 a KG.


Other Axtschlag products include sawdust and grilling planks.

Looking for Sawdust and Grilling planks? Sawdust costs $18 a bag, and grilling planks start from $28.


My favourite products in the Axtschlag range – Herb boxes!

Herb boxes and their refills keep this brand interesting. You can get them for meat or fish. These 30cm boxes contain herb mixtures of boldo leaves, rosemary, sage, lavender, red chilli, curry leaves OR birch leaves, lemon balm, lemon, dill, carrots, corn flower. Just place the food you’d like to smoke on these boxes and watch as the flavours take over once the smoking begins.

These are $32 a box, and $15 for the herb refill.

cedar paperscherry papers

Lastly, Axtschlag also carries grilling papers for $18 a packet. Each packet contains 8 pieces of wood paper. Just tie the wood paper around the prepared food and put them on the grill to smoke. Cherry flavour is my favourite with thai prawn paste chicken wings.

Check out all these items on Liberty Patio.

Till my next post! Enjoy Smokin’ on your grills!

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