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Rina’s Super Secret Burger Patty Recipe

I find it quite odd that whenever I say “I’m having a BBQ at home”, it’s usually followed by “What’s the occasion?”

The occasion? Well, I have meat in my fridge. That’s really all the excuse I need!

I mean, it’s like every time I eat, it’s a celebration. My mouth celebrates! My tummy celebrates! Yay for food!

Anyway, here’s what I made for dinner over the weekend:


It’s Cousin Rina’s Super Secret, Super Easy, Beef Burger Patties. (Other sides on the plate include: Garlic Lamb Chops, Chicken Di Van, Roasted Bacon & Potatoes. Mom had a hand in putting together the corn. Pfft. The garlic bread’s from Breadtalk) But we’re not here to talk about all the other stuff. I’m here to talk about my cousin Rina’s secret patty recipe!

As you can see, I’m using the Liberty Sizzle Top electric grill which you can get from Liberty Patio. It drizzled a bit, so I figured I’d just transfer all the meat indoors. Great as a backup BBQ! At this point in the picture, you’ll notice that the patties are frozen.


We like to freeze the patties because they stay in tact on the grill. When you make a fresh batch, they usually crumble easily.

Some might argue that you lose the moisture of the meat when you freeze it and then cook it immediately. But here’s where the secret ingredient comes in!



That’s right. I think for some reason, the soup mix soaks up the moisture as the burger defrosts on the grill, so it kinda locks in the juices.

I like using Lipton’s Onion Soup and Dip Mix, but I suppose you could use other mixes as well. It’s about one sachet for about 1.5kg of minced meat. Then I press them into patties, and put them in the freezer overnight or take them out whenever I feel like grilling a patty. When the patty’s cooked, you’ll find that it still keeps its perfect round shape, and it’s nicely seasoned and has onions too.


You can see that it doesn’t lose much moisture (wetness on grill is cooking oil).

So there you have it, the secret burger patty recipe! Try it and let me know what you think!

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Top 10 Balcony BBQs

I’ve lived in an apartment for most of my life but I’ve been lucky enough to have had a decent-sized balcony where we could store a three burner gas grill. However, if space is a real issue for you (especially because we live in Singapore!) but you’re still dying to get your hands on a BBQ, I’ve come up with a list of my top 10 favourite BBQs for your balcony!

1. Napoleon Portable Stainless Steel Marine Grill PTSS165P


The Good: This petite Napoleon grill was designed for usage on a yacht, so not only is it made with high quality stainless steel that’s more resistant against humidity, you can attach it to any railing with the optional rail mount accessory – you don’t actually need a counter top to use this nifty machine.

The Bad: It’s tiny! I mean, really, it’s very, very small! It’s only 21 inches wide. That said, it is only 21 inches wide. So if your balcony is fabulously tiny, this could be the BBQ for you.

2. Masport Piha


The Good: The Masport Piha folds down and can be wheeled around as though it were a suitcase. This makes for easy storage if you’re not planning on using the BBQ all the time and don’t want to clutter up your balcony. You can even take it around in your car. I can fit it in the boot of my Vios. That’s how compact it is!

The Bad: This BBQ uses a single “U” burner. I’ve found that the heat distribution from the burner isn’t that even across the cooking surface. But unless you’re going to be cooking for a whole lotta people, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

3. Napoleon TQ2225PO Travel Q Portable Propane Grill


The Good: The Napoleon TravelQ packs quite a bit of punch in it’s burner considering that it’s a portable grill. You can get the optional foldable stand too instead of using your own counter top, which makes packing the grill away so easy. I love the solid cast iron grill and the fact that you can switch between gas cartridges and LPG tanks.

The Bad: The gas cartridge adaptor doesn’t work very well with Singapore cartridges. Not sure why, but I think it’s because our cartridges run a bit small. Anyway, you get more bang for your buck using the LPG tanks (works with both 4.5kg or 12.7kg tanks).

4. Liberty Sizzle Top


The Good: The Liberty Sizzle Top grill is an electric glass top BBQ made from Schott Ceran German glass. There are 2 electric burners below, and the temperature level can be adjusted by using the knob and goes up to 250 degrees. This grill is really easy to clean, and you can use it both indoors and outdoors. It even comes with an optional stainless steel cart with removable side tables.

The Bad: While the temperature is easy to control, this is still an electric grill, and many BBQ lovers aren’t fans of the electric types as they aren’t seen as the traditional way to BBQ (i.e. with fire).

5. Napoleon Prestige P308RB


The Good: The Napoleon Prestige P308 is perfect if you’re looking for a solid grill that can still fit in your balcony. It has 2 foldable side tables and an exceptionally narrow depth area. The quality of the fire box is impeccable, made from aluminium casting, instead of the regular stainless steel stuff. It also comes with a back burner and motorised rotisserie unit, which is unusual for a 2 burner grill.

The Bad: This BBQ runs a bit on the pricey side because it is made in Canada and had to be shipped directly from there, so the cost of bringing it all the way to Singapore was high.

6. Liberty Ball Grill


The Good: The Liberty Ball Grill is a cute little charcoal BBQ that sits pretty on most balcony tables or counter tops. Perfect for intimate evenings!

The Bad: Apart from the cuteness, this is really your basic charcoal BBQ. There’s not much to it, and not recommended for the serious grill aficionado.

7. Napoleon Charcoal PRO22K-L


The Good: The Charcoal PRO22K-L comes with a solid cast iron grill. And when I say solid, I mean, really heavy duty stuff. I love the design of this grill, both sleek and practical that shows a lot of thought went into putting this BBQ together. For example, when opening the lid, you’ll realise that it is attached at an angle that doesn’t require you to pull it back so you avoid running your arm across the heat.

The Bad: It’s actually not that small. It will fit in most balconies, but it’s really just a regular-sized kettle BBQ. Like I said before too, the grill is very solid, which means it’s heavy. If you’re a tiny person, you might have trouble lifting it up when you want to adjust the level of the grill from the fire.

8. Masport Charcoal


The Good: The Masport Charcoal has many features such as the warming rack, foldable side table and adjustable charcoal grate which come in very handy during the grilling session. Also, it has a rectangular cooking area which many users prefer to the standard circular ones (I’m not sure why though).

The Bad: It doesn’t have as solid a frame as the Napoleon Charcoal Pro. Having said that, it is a two-thirds the price of the latter.

9. Liberty Kokomo Mini


The Good: Ever wanted a kamado-style BBQ but never had the space for it? The Liberty Kokomo Mini is a small scale version of the ceramic bbq grill. It’s such a wonderful grill for experimenting recipes with because you can grill, smoke, sear and even bake with this BBQ. The ceramic shell of this grill allows the barbecue to maintain very high and very low temperatures with the help of the top and base vents.

The Bad: As with all kamado-style BBQs, the shell is really thick and leaves less room for the cooking area. So it looks like a bulky item, even though the cooking area is really only 11 inches.

10. Liberty Kitchenette 3


The Good: The Liberty Kitchenette 3 is a wonderful countertop gas grill. It’s a good size for entertaining up to 10 guests, and comes with 2 cast iron grills, 3 stainless steel burners and flame tamers. You can even work with a contractor to have it flushed into a nice BBQ structure as a built-in gas grill.

The Bad: It doesn’t come with an optional stand so you’ll need a countertop to place it on.

All grills in this post are available from Liberty Patio.

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