Say NO to black grease!!!

Honestly, I’m not very particular when it comes to cleaning my grill because I know that the heat kills all the germs. But I do hate the black bits and the dark grease left over on the grill. Which is why, when I got a hold of Premium Kleen’s Rangehood Filter Cleaner, I thought, Okay, well, I’m gonna give it a go. And I was impressed!


DSC08678 Take about a spoonful of powder.

DSC08679 Mix it up with 1 litre of cold water and 2 litres of hot water.

DSC08680Mix Mix Mix!

DSC08688Put the grill in the bucket.

DSC08693 When you take it out, use a BBQ brush to scrub off the grease, every now and then, dip it back in the bucket and then scrub again.

premium kleen before & after Wash with water and wipe down with a dry towel. Et Viola!! No more black bits and dark grease!

Now put a fresh coating of cooking oil over the grills before you leave it for the next use.

Where you can get it: The Butcher’s Dog @ Great World City
Call them to check stock: 6836 8498

Or online @ Liberty Patio


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