It’s a Material World!

Madonna was right to say it’s a material world. Just like diamonds, barbecues have different pricings according to the materials they are made of.

You can find barbecue parts made out of all sorts of materials. For example, a barbecue could be made out of stainless steel. But there are so many different grades of stainless steel. The most commonly used for barbecues are 430, 202 and 304. 430 is the cheapest, followed by 202, with 304 being the most expensive.

A little chemisty lesson for those of you who aren’t scientifcally inclined (like me!), what makes stainless steel different from regular steel is the presence of chromium which gives it that anti-rust protection. So, 304, having the most chromium out of the three grades, is the most expensive because it’s the most rust resistant. So, don’t be shocked when you see a huge jump in prices between and 430 SS grill and a 304 SS grill.

As for the grill plates, there’s cast iron, and then there’s enamelled cast iron. I know most of our customers prefer the raw cast iron grills, but enamelled cast iron still costs more because it still has a porcelain coating over it.

So, when considering which barbecue to purchase, take into account the materials that go into it. That way, you’ll know if you’re really paying for quality.


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