Our Very Own Celebrity Chef!

Last night, I managed to catch a programme on Channel 8 called “Knock Know! Who’s There?”. I suppose one would describe it as a party cook-off between 2 celebrities.

Anyways! I was very happy to see that our very own Liberty Chef S2 was being used by one of the chefs! It’s famous now. Hehe. Of course, at one point the celebrity got distracted and burnt his pork. Tsk tsk.

But I was definitely amused that he used the warming rack to slow-cook the pork. In the end, food looked great! I think I might give it a go (and I’ll try not to burn my pork. Ha-ha.)

Liberty Chef S2 – One of our best sellers!

For those of you who do want to see how slow cooking pork is done, check out the link below!

Check out this great MSN video – Episode 13 (Last episode).

Or… Try the recipe yourself! (*warning! only attempt if you can read Chinese!)



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