Kamado Grills

I’m really excited about the new kamado grill that we’re bringing in for our Liberty range! Why? Well, I’m always proud to see our range expanding of course. But more importantly is that I get to try one out myself!

I’m honestly very curious about it, as I’ve received many requests for this kamado grill but haven’t personally used one myself. While the kamado isn’t a new concept, being a traditional method of cooking in Japanese culture for the longest time, it’s still a fairly new thing back home.

What is a kamado grill exactly? Well, it’s a barbie (or cooking device, if you will) basically made of a ceramic shell that allows it to take on both extremely high and low temperatures. Now, this makes it great for all kinds of cooking, not just grilling. Yes, you can even bake a cake with this baby! And I love baking as much as I love a good barbecue, so to me, this is the ultimate machine!

Anyway, the Liberty Kokomo will be available next month. In the meantime, do let me know if you have one. I’d like to know what sort of recipes I should try, and how we can improve on it. What kinds of features would you like to see on this special grill that you don’t already see?

The Liberty Kokomo Kamado Grill!




One thought on “Kamado Grills

  1. Judy Millar says:

    The Komodo is great for grilling steaks PERFECTLY! Fire it up and 3 mins on first side then 2 minutes on the other side and it will be the tastiest steak you have ever had! I use it to smoke pork butts, ribs and brisket! It works beautifully! Oh, and we recently had a pizza party on the grill and people just LOVED it! Pizzas turned out perfectly!

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