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Our Very Own Celebrity Chef!

Last night, I managed to catch a programme on Channel 8 called “Knock Know! Who’s There?”. I suppose one would describe it as a party cook-off between 2 celebrities.

Anyways! I was very happy to see that our very own Liberty Chef S2 was being used by one of the chefs! It’s famous now. Hehe. Of course, at one point the celebrity got distracted and burnt his pork. Tsk tsk.

But I was definitely amused that he used the warming rack to slow-cook the pork. In the end, food looked great! I think I might give it a go (and I’ll try not to burn my pork. Ha-ha.)

Liberty Chef S2 – One of our best sellers!

For those of you who do want to see how slow cooking pork is done, check out the link below!

Check out this great MSN video – Episode 13 (Last episode).

Or… Try the recipe yourself! (*warning! only attempt if you can read Chinese!)

Kamado Grills

I’m really excited about the new kamado grill that we’re bringing in for our Liberty range! Why? Well, I’m always proud to see our range expanding of course. But more importantly is that I get to try one out myself!

I’m honestly very curious about it, as I’ve received many requests for this kamado grill but haven’t personally used one myself. While the kamado isn’t a new concept, being a traditional method of cooking in Japanese culture for the longest time, it’s still a fairly new thing back home.

What is a kamado grill exactly? Well, it’s a barbie (or cooking device, if you will) basically made of a ceramic shell that allows it to take on both extremely high and low temperatures. Now, this makes it great for all kinds of cooking, not just grilling. Yes, you can even bake a cake with this baby! And I love baking as much as I love a good barbecue, so to me, this is the ultimate machine!

Anyway, the Liberty Kokomo will be available next month. In the meantime, do let me know if you have one. I’d like to know what sort of recipes I should try, and how we can improve on it. What kinds of features would you like to see on this special grill that you don’t already see?

The Liberty Kokomo Kamado Grill!